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24 LOTTERY  audio sample          Play here

A million numbers. Will your 6 come up?

Simply listen out for them over the next 24 hours!



Through an endless sequence of numbers the announcer's intonation will make you feel warmed, elated, frightened, flustered, saddened, worried, berated, shocked, excited  - and ultimately disappointed. 



24 hour long sound installation specifically for the toilets.

Commissioned for Nightwatch Festival, Cambridge Junction, 2014

Selected short film credits: 

Short Film Title

2016  The Michelen Star Witch

2015  The Increasingly Poor Decisions                of Todd Margaret (TV series)

2015  Sheffield of Dreams

2014  Make or Break

2014  American Werewolf in Pinner

2013  Dick Head

2013  The Trinity


The Witch

Reggie's Girlfriend



The woman

The Empress


Brainwrap Comedy



Brainwrap Comedy

Kaiser Siren Films

Le Bruin
Film 4 Fright Fest

Le Bruin


Adam McNicol

John Hardwick


Adam McNicol

Vicki Kisner

Simon Brown

Jacqueline Wright

Simon Brown

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