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Susannah Hewlett is a UK artist, performer,  writer and actor whose work crossbreeds live art, comedy, theatre, sound and film.  She is an associate artist of award winning company Duckie and has performed and exhibited in the UK, Europe and USA in galleries, theatres, museums, cinemas, nightclubs and festivals. 


Fixated on popular culture, her work challenges the comfort of audiences by using comedy as a strategy to disarm - scratching through the shiny Saturday night TV dazzle or looking past the kindly smile to reveal unpalatable truths about the human condition.  Enter the world of delusional egomaniac Chris Titmas or the Dwindle's caravan in cult hit Barbara and Yogashwara's Safe Space.  


New short film The Obligation explores death and telemarketing in suburbia whilst anarchic live soap opera Latherland  invites you to take part in its unraveling front room melodramas.

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