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Ego maniacal VSS ex-shopping channel host and ‘personality’ Chris Titmas  likes fun - but the fun that he most likes?

FUNCTIONAL FUN - the kind of fun where things get done!


This coupled with his Monster Energy habit has fuelled erratic decision making, high octane public appearances and paved the way for the frenzied night time penning of his unbelievable true life story  - Innocent. 


Amongst paint balling and complimenting womens' hair one of the other things Chris likes to do to make himself look good is charity work. One Christmas appeal was for Gays in Need  where at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern he and mascot Poofy Bear hosted the VSS Shopping Channel Recalled Products Lucky Dip by way of "giving back to the community." 


Always thinking of others, on 3 consecutive days in Brighton, Chris happened to rescue a drowning women from the sea in a spontaneous (staged) act of heroism which he encouraged (forced) people to photograph and post on social media in an attempt to make his ex girlfriend Lisa jealous.   #hero 


Chris continues to look for new self aggrandising ventures including working with children by staring in his new undercover investigative journalism reality TV show Secret Schoolboy.  Hitting screens in 2021.


A show exploring alter egos, bruised egos, broken hearts and half hearted revenge.

Running time (50 mins). Performed site specifically on a beach. Originally devised for Whitstable Biennial 2014 then at Brighton Fringe 2015 (Marlborough Theatre )

"Well-conceived, often hilarious"  Fringe Guru

Photo credit: Tarik Elmoutawakil

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