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"VSS - helping you decide what's valuable"

Shopping channels have delighted, revolted, compelled and inspired Hewlett for over two decades. As well as on occasions convinced her to buy their irresistibly low priced gold polyester sheets. 


A constant in TV's daily scheduling, QVC and its cousins are the convenient channel hopping choice for the post-pub, pre-bed telly binger, the familiar companion to the insomniac or the lonely and most importantly a lovely shop, conveniently stocked with everything you've ever needed, run by ever such knowledgable and attractive people that just happens to be in your front room - 24 hours a day! Far more perniciously capitalist than commissioners would perhaps like their more vulnerable, elderly, poor or housebound viewers to believe. 


Inspired by the ubiquitous familiarity and formulaic style of these shows,  fictional shopping channel VSS was spawned with the creation of a series of adverts which satirise commercialism's ‘gift to austerity’ with the spurious and absurd VSS multi-functioning products.  


Behold Brush, Snack Saver, Frugal Fruit, Omni Clam. Lipo Candle and the Multi Spa!


Watch the VSS advert HERE!

More recently VSS became the sponsor of Lily and Mim  - an exhibition for Aberdeen curated by Dr John Walter which took the form of a department store which used humour to critique the shopping culture of the city. VSS host Chris Titmas became the face of the exhibition appearing in 3 promo videos, on billboards around the city and opening the event with the Lord Provost of Aberdeen. The VSS  adverts and merchandise took the form of an installation in the gallery.

The VSS adverts have been shown at numerous screenings and exhibitions including Loco Film Festival, Duckie’s Copyright Christmas at the Barbican, Scottee's Camp, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, Motel de Nowhere, London Short Film Festival, Brainwrap Comedy, Shortcom and more.

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