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A time share studio space where humans make creative things happen! 

Motel de Nowhere ran from 2011-2014 as a project space for exploration. Operated from Hewlett's studio in Bethnal Green she created a time share system for artists.


Lots and lots of people came though the space to put on live art and comedy nights, screen films, run classes, host exhibitions,  rehearse shows, band practise or have a relaxing drink at Beverly's Very Average Beverage Bar!

Some highlights included Steakhouse Live's first ever Tits and Tinsel and the annual Motel de Where Christmas Fête Worse Than Death!


Some of the amazing artists who performed exhibited or sold their wares in the space include-

Aaron Williamson, David Blandy, Foxy and Husk, Fran Moulds, Hannah Eaton, James Unsworth,

Jamie Lewis Hadley, Jamila Johnson-Small, Jess Love, Joe Wild, John Walter, Kate Mahony, Katy Baird, Kim Noble, Louise Orwin, Lucy Hutson, Lucy McCormick,  Mark Scott Wood, Matthew Noel-Tod, Martin O’Brien, Meg Mosley, Paul Kindersley, Rachel Porter, Richard DeDomenici, Scottee, Sophie Wooley,  Steve Nice, Tim Spooner,  Ursula Martinez and more....

You can see more of the Motel de Nowhere archive at its Facebook corpse!

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