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​2 screen video installation

Are you ready?

It’s the 2005 Lakeside Final between good friends and world-renowned players Martin Adams and Raymond van Barneveld.


Game On  focuses only on the finalists' wives - Sharon Adams and Sylvia van Barneveld and the moments the camera pans to them in the crowd.


So often in sports coverage the action cuts to partners or spouses sat watching - often accompanied with crude commentary scrutinising what they’re wearing or their emotional state. 


Edited together and slowed down to a disconcerting speed, we witness the anxiety and tension in the drawn out, slow motion gestures of the two women. Hands move up to cover eyes,  heads turn side to side in disbelief and occasionally one may rise from their seat to shout and applaud in relief - the sound of any joy distorted and uncanny.

Game On was created for The Others Gallery, Bournemouth 2006 

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