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A series of interventions using actors exploring anticipation and deflation.


Fictitious band The Stuttgart Flavors  build anticipation by preparing for their set at the Beaconsfield Gallery.  They hang around in the public spaces of the gallery tuning instruments, putting on costumes and makeup in the toilets, warming up vocally,  practising snippets of dance routines, moving around stage props and engaging with a harangued looking technician.  But their final attempt to get onto the stage is thwarted by ongoing mis-haps and technical failures. The audience witness embarrassing arguments and the final angry retreat of the band through the crowd - with no actual musical appearance on the stage.


After lurking threateningly by the decks for most of the evening with cap, puffer jacket and record bag, an antagonistic guest DJ finally plays his ‘set’ - a lone 7” record of Black Lace’s ‘Agadoo’. The crowd do not go wild.


These interventions sought to play around with anticipatory moments of party events and ultimately the  feelings of deflation that the hype can bring.



Performed by Susannah Hewlett, Neil Baker, Elliot Dodd, Vicki Jack and Juliette Savin.

A commission for Beaconsfield Gallery's Mother of All Parties 2006

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