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Installation (plastic chairs, food, drink, decorations, glitter ball, headphones)




One of Hewlett’s first work to explore the peripheral aspect of popular culture; in this case the end of a party - and an emblematic moment reworked into a new yet nostalgic experience.


The audience enter a seemingly empty room at the end of a corridor.  A glitter ball spins slowly revealing an institutional looking office space. Plastic chairs line the edge of the walls. It smells of half eaton buffet; sticky drinks spilled on the floor, stale sausage rolls and torn streamers lie under chairs while deflated balloon clusters droop pathetically.


2 sets of headphones hang from the ceiling playing Endless Love by Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross. The viewer is invited to wear the headphones and have one last dance  - potentially with a perfect stranger.


One of four works created for MA show 2003.

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