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Security is sexy...



Spurious looking Sam Foxesque security guards exert ridiculous interrogation tactics on members of the public:- about the unexplainable flecks of mud on their shoes, their used tissues or the very suspicious looking tiny human they are wheeling around in a cart.


Torches are shone into handbags, programme leaflets scrutinised and pockets emptied - or it may just be the colour of your tie that is the real security risk here. 


Their pseudo fascistic sexy flim-flam creates a frighteningly fun experience, where legitimate frisking has the potential to become something much more dangerous.


Frisky Business satirises notions of surveillance culture and abuses of power visible across many facets of popular culture.

Originally commissioned for the lifts at a Late at the Tate  curated by Beaconsfield Gallery in 2008 it has since been performed at Cabaret Without Borders, LUPA, Steakhouse Live,  The Live Art Development Agency's ALAG and Duckie's Border Force 2016 and Fierce Festival 2020.


Performed with Shelley Atton and H.Plewis

Photo credit ALAG: Holly Revel

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