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Like Ru Paul's Drag Race meets Crufts, Pedigree Chums promises to be an unforgettable experience suitable for anyone aged 4 and up!



Renowned psychozoologist and disciplinarian, Madame Bona and her best friend talented pooch Strokey invite you to attend a finishing school like no other! 


Team up with a friend, family member or even a complete stranger, and transform them into the pet you always dreamed of! It's a race against the clock to use the materials provided (fabric, fur, feathers, face paints) to create amazing tranimalistic new looks! 


It's now time for the world's weirdest pet show!  A special judge will be on hand to help decide who should be awarded the coveted rosettes in categories such as “Most Unusual” “Most Talented” “Worst Behaved” and of course “Best In Show”.


Made in collaboration with professional show off Steve Nice in 2014, Pedigree Chums has since been programmed at Buzzcut Festival, Through the looking Glass St Helens, Tramfrau, Brighton and with Latitude Festival on the River Stage at the National Theatre in 2016. 

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