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Sexuality reprogramming in a down to earth setting.

Lorraine and Alan Surefoot live in Hythe, Kent. Alan running his haulage company MOVE IT! Lorraine her pet grooming parlour.  Having made an unfortunate discovery about their son Steven, they want nothing more than to simply help other parents  to set things straight.


Lorraine 'n' Alan's Straightening Salon satirises the idea of sexuality reprogramming interventions and normative gendered imagery - presenting a bleak overview of the straight aesthetic.


Strapped to a chair in The Straightening Salon,  lysergic acid dropped into their eyes, patients are shown a video series of postcard images from the twilight world of the heterosexual. - tailored for both men and women.


To finalise the re-programming process Lorraine and Alan carry out intimate one to one treatments on men and women respectively.


Women are made to slow dance with Alan to 'A Lady in Red'.  Lorraine lap dances for the men to Calvin Harris' The Girls,  forcing each re-programmee to sing along, marking their final victorious exit into straightdom.


Video contains some adult content.

A 2008 Duckie Gay Shame commission with Hannah Eaton as Hewlett & Eaton.


After extensive touring of the British home counties, Lorraine and Alan most recently presented their timeless services to the very needy Shoreditch House clientele at Bourgoise and Maurice's Shindig.

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