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It’s Not You celebrates the bygone years of the television game show - the “high(er)s and low(er)s” of Saturday night TV’s winners and losers, the anticipation and deflation and a host of hosts and their glamorous assistants.


It’s the blender and the exercise bike. It’s one of the top ten answers! It’s what you could have won! It’s that £32.000 you just lost! It’s the spotlight that just went out! .........It’s Not You!



A series of site-specific interconnected happenings exploring the peripheral aspects of Saturday night entertainment including performance, installation, sound and video - made specifically for the foyers. toilets, book shops and theatre spaces of art centres.


Orange tanned game show hosts traverse stairwells and burst out of doorways entering and exiting imaginary television sets, while their glamorous assistants stand poised, rictus grinning as they display fixtures and fittings of the building’s architecture. 


Contorted faces of worried contestants trapped on the cusp of winning of loosing appear on information screens around the building.  A theatre space plays anxiety provoking anticipatory music accompanied by a sequence of throbbing lights ending in an extinguished spotlight - only to start all over again.  Catchy jingles specific to each venue emanate from the tannoy system and a lone busker plays game show theme tunes outside each venue.

Created, directed and produced by Susannah Hewlett

Co-producer: Emmy Minton

Music: Robin Forrest

Voice Over: Peter Beck

Performed by:  Lotta Anulf, Shelly Atton, Charlotte Bister, Victoria Bromley,  Julie Burrow, David Hutchinson, 

Tom Johnson, Gareth Llewelyn, Marianna Moralis, Davies Palmer, Katie Phipps, Alexander Warner, George Wigzell, Nadia Williams,  Ozzie Yue.

Hair and Make up: Inma Azorin, Alana Dunlevy

Styling: Susannah Hewlett and Kaye Dunnings

Photo credits: Rebecca Fatih Photography


A Live Art UK Touring Commission supported by Arts Council England which toured to Arnolfini - Bristol, Chapter Arts Centre - Cardiff and The Bluecoat - Liverpool 2008

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