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A Live Art Gala Jingle 2015.      Play here

Jingles have been a signature piece for Hewlett for over a decade. 


Inspired by the insidious omni-present male voice-over commentary synonymous with Saturday night TV, radio adverts, in store promotions and fair ground rides, Jingles satirise the relentless marketed hype of consumerism whilst at the same time de-bunk notions of high art by inviting this so called low culture medium into galleries and theatres  - and specifically using copy from host organisations' websites.


Working with voice over artist and long term collaborator Peter Beck, Jingles were first made in 2003 to populate the corridor and toilet spaces of The Slade School of  Fine Art's MA show, where audiences were bombarded with daft art promotions.

Since then Jingles have disrupted the public spaces of Arnolfini Gallery, Chapter Arts Centre, The Bluecoat, The Courthauld Institute, Beaconsfield Gallery, Outpost Gallery and more recently commissioned to introduce the line up for  ALAG - The Live Art Development Agency’s 15th Year Anniversary Gala at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. You can listen to this jingle above.


Bespoke Jingles have also been made for a number of individuals. If you would like to commission an event specific jingle or a special personalised jingle for a loved one outlining their finest achievements / worst personality traits -   please get in touch via the contacts page!


Another sound piece made with Peter Beck - 

24 LOTTERY  audio sample          Play here

A million numbers. Will your 6 come up?

Simply listen out for them over the next 24 hours!



Through an endless sequence of numbers the announcer's intonation will make you feel warmed, elated, frightened, flustered, saddened, worried, berated, shocked, excited  - and ultimately disappointed. 



24 hour long sound installation specifically for the toilets.

Commissioned for Nightwatch Festival, Cambridge Junction, 2014

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